Unique PAL Methodology

On psychometric exams, and, in fact, on any multiple-choice test, a question can have several possible solution strategies that lead to the same correct answer, while the problem-solving process remains behind the scenes. The single most important skill that any test-taker must master in order to excel on standardized tests is cognitive flexibility—the ability to consider several alternatives, find the fastest way to the goal, and apply it.

This understanding led us to develop a methodology that helps students strengthen their cognitive flexibility in a systematic manner and find the most efficient way to solve each question. That’s the PAL in examPAL—Precise, Alternative, or Logical. When there is more than one way, the PAL methodology enables test-takers to adapt swiftly and find the ideal path to the correct answer.

What is PAL?

We discovered that Precise, Alternative, and Logical are the 3 most important strategies to solve any problem on standardized tests.

Our methodology teaches your students how to know—in advance—which is the fastest way to crack each question, enabling them to solve the test like real pros.

On multiple-choice tests, such as TOIEC®, SAT®, or GMAT®, every question has only one correct answer but multiple ways to solve it. Sometimes there can be as many as 10 different ways. The problem for many students is that the test prep teacher often says, “Find the solution strategy that works best for you,” which leads to great frustration. How can I find which solution strategy is best for me?!

Every person has his/her own natural strengths and weaknesses. You may be stronger in Precise routes, such as simplifying an equation or using a formula, while others are better in Logical solutions or using an Alternative approach that can lead to a correct answer without always knowing why it is correct (such as utilizing the answers or using symmetry in regular polygons).

Different people, different questions, different tools, different solutions. Why would you expect that preparation for such exams be the same for everybody?

With the PAL methodology, we help test-takers find the most effective solution strategy for them.

“We immediately recognized that examPAL has a unique and proven-effective approach to test preparation. Using the most advanced technology available, we now have the ability to deeply understand how students make decisions, how other students effectively solve problems, and what the fastest way is for each student to reach the answer. Not only will this improve their cognitive flexibility and preparation for high stakes exams, it will help us to prepare all students—regardless of their starting points—to succeed.”

Saki Dodelson
CEO, Beable

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