The PALgorithm Technology

Our patented technology is based on an AI-engine that trains the brain to apply the PAL methodology in order to answer problems in various domains with maximum accuracy and efficiency. We call this technology The PALgorithm. Here are the 3 main components underlying our AI-engine:  Diagnostic  ➔  Improvement  ➔  Optimization.

Whether you are serving individuals or institutions, a content giant or global distributor, still offline or fully digital—we’re the market differentiator you need.


Our engine measures your PAL starting point. Each of the 3 solution strategies consists of many specific tools. The more you practice, the better we can predict which tools you are most likely to use successfully, and consequently personalize your learning path.


The system uses what it has learned about you to suggest the solution strategies that will help you improve the most. We also use your feedback to analyze which of the tools work best for you and what kind of problems you still find difficult.


Using big data analytics, the PALgorithm compares you to other students with similar characteristics and offers you the best match of each approach—P, A, or L—in descending order. We combine what we’ve learned about you and our continuous research of the strategies that have been statistically proven to yield the least time-consuming correct answers.

“We immediately recognized that examPAL has a unique and proven-effective approach to test preparation. Using the most advanced technology available, we now have the ability to deeply understand how students make decisions, how other students effectively solve problems, and what the fastest way is for each student to reach the answer. Not only will this improve their cognitive flexibility and preparation for high stakes exams, it will help us to prepare all students—regardless of their starting points—to succeed.”

Saki Dodelson
CEO, Beable

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