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A scholarship is money for school that does not need to be paid back. Generally, scholarships are merit-based, meaning that they are awarded on the basis of personal talents such as athletic, artistic, academic, or other creative abilities. There are many sources that provide scholarships, including colleges and universities, nonprofit foundations, company sponsorship and other various third party providers.
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Financial aid and government grants
Financial aid can include:
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Better interest rates on loans
Federal work-study jobs

Applying for financial aid is easy with the FAFSA form. Create your FSA ID, determine your dependency status, and supply all the necessary information to get the ball rolling with the schools of your choice. After completing the FAFSA, check your status and provide any follow-up documentation to your college as needed.
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MBA scholarships options
If you are searching for grad school scholarships, some financial aid options tend to pertain to a specific field of study, career path, age group, or ethnicity. Find the scholarship that connects with your unique situation.
MBA Scholarship for women
In an effort to attract more females in business, several scholarships are available specifically for women studying various areas of business. There are various initiatives and scholarships which are open for women, particularly those who are striving towards their master’s degree. In addition to outside grants and scholarships, women who are working toward their MBA should be in touch with the business school they are enrolled in for more financial aid opportunities.
MBA Scholarship for Veterans
There are many scholarship opportunities for veterans and their families to obtain their undergraduate or graduate degree. Every branch of the US military offers some form of educational assistance for its personnel. Moreover, many organizations and schools also offer scholarships to help veterans cover the cost of higher education.
MBA Scholarship for Minorities
There are numerous amounts of financial aid accessible to minority students. Merit-based MBA fellowships and private scholarship opportunities are open to African American, Hispanic American, Asian, Native American and LGBTQ students, to name a few. Scholarships for minorities are typically sponsored by businesses, foundations, associations, community agencies, and other non-governmental organizations.
Other MBA Scholarships
Other student-specific scholarships include religion, residence, disability, or group affiliation. A great tool to help save you time and energy are scholarship matching websites. These engines help you find scholarship that match your skills, activities, interests, background, financial situation, etc. There are countless new scholarships are available on a regular basis.
How to get an MBA scholarship – MBA scholarship application tips
Most students applying for MBA programs will be applying for scholarships too. Therefore, it is important that you have a good application to turn in.

Do the research
Begin by researching all the possible scholarships that you are eligible for (based on your location, GPA, grade-level, age, major etc.) and start applying to those. Some of the best places to find scholarships include your college or university, local businesses, non-profit organizations, and of course, the internet. A great tool to help save you time and energy are scholarship matching websites (such as The beauty of scholarship websites is that their databases are constantly updating, so you can apply for scholarships all year long.

Apply, apply, apply
There is no limit to the number of scholarships you win, so apply for as many as you can. Be sure to give yourself enough time to complete of all needed requirements to avoid missing any deadlines. Typical requirements include proof of enrollment/acceptance, letters of recommendation, and/or and an essay.

Award amounts and eligibility requirements vary by scholarship, so if a scholarship asks for an essay, it does not necessarily mean that they will give you more money. Each organization provides the scholarship money it has available for that year which can range from a few-hundred to several-thousand dollars.

Write an amazing essay
If an application requires an additional essay, this is your chance to shine in front of the scholarship committee. The best way to approach the essay is to understand the true purpose of the organization and their goals so you can better meet their criteria. Highlight your attributes and illustrate personal stories and accomplishments to make the committee connect to you on a personal level. Ask a parent or teacher review your final work to make sure there are no grammar or spelling errors.

Prior to submitting your application, double-check it for inconsistencies_. This_ includes all your personal information such as your name, phone number, and email address. If this information is incorrect, the scholarship committee won’t able to contact you.

If you don’t get the scholarship, don’t take it personally and most importantly, don’t give up! It is very difficult for selection committees to choose which finalists will get their scholarships. Sometimes, it’s more a matter of luck than skill. Like most things in life, success comes to those who keep trying.