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Whatever your GMAT goals and whatever your study preferences, we’ve got you covered. All our courses include high-quality, interactive video lessons that teach you the material from the ground up. Each subtopic is taught through two videos: The first of these is the Introduction, which illustrates the fundamentals of the topic, and the second is the Lesson, which teaches problem-solving strategies. The videos are enhanced by interactive gamification, in which the way the lesson proceeds depends on the student’s demonstrating that he’s understood what’s being taught by answering a relevant question.

For the full examPAL experience, try our Premium package, which includes the entire course, as well as GMAT® Official Practice Tests, quizzes, essay reviews, admission consultancy, and unlimited customer support. For a more personalized touch, go for our Genius package, which includes personal tutor sessions. If you only need to focus on one aspect of the test, our Verbal or Quant packages are the right fit for you. And you can always just get a credit bundle and start studying.

The Official guide is a GMAT preparation book put out by the GMAC – the organization in charge of administering the exam. The OG is written by the same people who write the GMAT, and it has something no other prep book does: real questions from past GMAT exams. These ‘retired’ questions from past GMAT exams are the closest thing out there to what you’ll see on test day, and the best way to prepare.

Effective study requires realistic simulation, and we’ve got our hands on the most faithful mock tests of them all. We offer access to 6 full-length computer-adaptive GMAT® Official Practice Exams: Tests 1 & 2 and 3 & 4, as well as 5 & 6. Each test features 90 never-before-seen questions, and the option of retaking a test and possibly encountering some new questions every time. Test are accompanied with full answer sets, enabling you to analyze your performance and redo the ones you got wrong. In addition, each test is accompanied by an Enhanced Score Report, which breaks down your performance by question type in the Verbal, Quant and IR sections, detailing both your score on the relative question type, and your percentile ranking amongst all users. In addition, we offer a post-test analysis of your time management, giving you valuable insights into your pacing.

Sometimes you need a personal touch. Whether it’s going over a difficult problem, discussing the fundamentals of a test topic, or planning your exam time-management, our professional tutors are here for you. Our tutors are GMAT whizzes, experienced teachers, and on top of all that, experts at the PAL system, which is intended to help you choose the fastest answer tool for you. Starting with a pre-session dialog to customize the session so as to best benefit you, and culminating with a one-hour private video sessions from wherever you are in the world, our sessions help you maximize your potential.

examPAL has put out a supplement to the Official Guide in the form of a Sentence Correction Basics book. This book is intended to assist non-native English speakers in better understanding and remembering everything the GMAT expects you to know about the English language. The guide covers: subject-verb agreement, nouns, pronouns, choosing the correct form of a verb, modifiers, parallelism, and idioms.

For each of the GMAT’s two-dozen topics, we offer a personalized practice system that utilizes machine-learning AI technology to teach you to solve questions in the most efficient way possible. At the center or our study regimen is the PAL system, which teaches students to identify the three powerful answer strategies to solve any question: Precise, Alternative and Logical.

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA): While solving Verbal and Quant problems is one thing, writing essays is a different story. The only thing harder than figuring out whether your Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) is any good, is understanding how to make it better. To this end, we offer personalized essay evaluations at the hands of our certified professionals. Your essay will be scored according to the same criteria used by the GMAT, summarized in notes that touch upon different facets of the essay – argument, structure and mechanics – and emphasize tips for improvement, and commented upon in in-line notes that fix every mistake, offer alternative phrasings and give specific, pinpointed commentary about what you’re doing right and what you can do better.

We offer a 30-minute skype chat with a professional admissions consultant. This professional will help you, wherever you are in the long, complicated application process: deciding where to apply, compiling your CV, or composing your application essays.

Before we dive into studying material and solving questions, it's essential to take a step back and ask ourselves: what's our plan here? The content of your ideal study plan depends on multiple factors: your test date, your target score and how much improvement it entails, your schedule how much time you can devote to studying, your strengths and weaknesses, and more. We have guides to help build a plan for either 1 month, 2 months (the recommended length!) and 3 months.

Sometimes we all need to see an example. We’ve collected perfect-score AWA essays we’ve reviewed, in which the student later went on to get a perfect essay score on the GMAT as well, for you to read and learn from.

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