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  1. Rethinking the GMAT’s First 10 Questions
    The GMAT test matters a lot for your business school application. Yes, it has those awful data sufficiency questions. Yes, it’s long and boring. But what really puts the fear in test takers?
  2. How Long Do GMAT Scores Stay Valid?
    So, everyone who’s going to business school knows they’re probably going to have to take the GMAT before applying. But not everyone has the same plan for what happens between taking the GMAT and actually starting business school.
  3. What GMAT Scores Are the Top Business Schools Looking For?
    This article will give a quick rundown of not just what scores certain business schools are looking for but why the average GMAT scores of successful applicants at these places are so high. The answers to that part may surprised you!
  4. How Many Times Can I Take the GMAT?
    The GMAT is such an important test that you absolutely want to put your best foot forward. While it’s far from the only element of your application, a great score will ensure that the admissions department takes the time to read over the rest of your application, and doesn’t dismiss it out of hand.

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