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  1. The GMAT will soon be 30 minutes shorter!
    Starting on the morning of Monday, April 16, 2018, a new, shorter version of the GMAT will be launched. This blog post will go over the major expected changes and highlight those places where it really matters. See the official GMAC FAQ for more details.   So what’s new? The overall test time has been […]
  2. 700+ on the GMAT & the perfect application live webinar
    Yesterday we held the webinar — ‘700+ on the GMAT & the perfect application’. You can find the recording of that webinar below. Getting that ‘Yes’ from your target business school is something you are willing to work hard for. We get that. Getting that MBA degree will look amazing on your resume, increase your […]
  3. Most Common GMAT Mistakes
    we’ve come to identify some mistakes that a lot of GMAT students tend to make. We’ve listed some of the most common mistakes we’ve seen below. Hopefully this will give you a quick primer on what mistakes to avoid in your own GMAT prep—and what mistakes to avoid on test day.
  4. GMAT Scores Across the World
    The world keeps getting more global. Business and commerce are the twin engines flying the jet of globalization, even if politics tries to keep its hands on the steering wheel. So it shouldn’t surprise you that this trend is increasingly affecting the world of business school and the GMAT. Over a quarter million GMAT exams […]

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