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Focus on Verbal & Analytical Writing Skills

$ 220
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Includes 460 credits

  • Interactive Intros

    The verbal basics

  • Video Lessons

    The verbal PAL secrets

  • Practice System

    The Verbal PALgorithm

  • 3 Essay Reviews

    With inline notes

  • 12 Verbal Quizzes

    For extra practice

  • 4 GMAT® Practice Tests

    From the FREE GMATPrep® software and GMATPrep® Exam Pack 1

Quant + IR

Focus on Quantitative & Integrated Reasoning Skills

$ 330
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Includes 625 credits

  • Interactive Intros

    The Quant basics

  • Video Lesson

    The Quant PAL secrets

  • Practice System

    The Quant PALgorithm

  • Integrated Reasoning

    Lesson + Practice

  • 4 GMAT® Practice Tests

    From the FREE GMATPrep® software and GMATPrep® Exam Pack 1


Everything included: Quant, Verbal ,IR, AWA

$ 440
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Includes 985 credits

  • All Interactive Intros

    The Basics

  • All Video Lessons

    The PAL Secrets

  • Complete Practice System

    The PALgorithms in full power

  • 3 Essay reviews

    Our professionals score & review your essay

  • 12 Verbal Quizzes

    For extra practice

  • 4 GMAT® Practice Tests

    From the FREE GMATPrep® software and GMATPrep® Exam Pack 1

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30 minutes with an admission expert


The Premium Package Plus All The Extras

$ 799
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Includes 2183 credits

  • 3 essay reviews

    With inline notes

  • 2 teacher assessments

    A review + personal tips

  • 3 sessions of 1-on-1 tutoring

    Online, with our senior teachers

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60 minutes with an admission expert

* All packages include 4 official practice tests from
- 2 FREE GMATPrep® Software tests, and 2 tests from GMATPrep® Exam Pack 1, worth $49.

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What our clients say

“I think I got a bit addicted to the examPAL. I kept wanting to practice more and more to improve my score.”

Swarna Iyer, ExamPAL student

“The PAL method is great...I needed to spend less time practicing than my friends did.”

Lexie Hyland, ExamPAL student

“At some point I realized examPAL does more for me than my private tutor so I just let her go... It saved me a lot of money.”

Davide Calligaris, ExamPAL student


How does the money back guarantee work?

Within a term of 1 month after the payment date, a user who purchased a package and did not go over at least 100 prep items (i.e questions, lessons, downloadable documents, etc.) including in the one week trial period shall be entitled to receive a full refund of the amount paid by the user for such a package. To see our full refund policy click here.

How does the success guarantee work?

ExamPAL offers a guarantee of success. This means that if you completed our entire program but didn’t improve your score by at least 70 points, we will refund your money. To read more about it please refer to our terms of service.

What type of payment methods do you accept?

Currently we accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPAL. If you have other credit cards and would like to use them, please send us an email to:

Is the subscription limited by time?

Yes. You can use your subscription within six months from the day you first purchased the course package.

What is "Your GMAT is on us" program?

Our goal is to help you get the best score possible, so in order to motivate you, we will cover your GMAT registration costs (up to $250).
What's the catch? Well, you have to score over 700.
With examPAL it's easy, though. We have the material, we have the technology, we have the expertise. All that is missing is your time & efforts.

How to participate in "Your GMAT is on us" program?

It's simple. Just use this coupon when you checkout 'YourGMATisfree'. Note that if you purchased your package with a discount you will not be eligible to participate.

Who's eligible to get his GMAT registration fee back?

In order to be eligible, you must participate in the program, send us your official GMAT score (with your AWA score) within 30 days from taking the test, and send us a 200-word testimonial about your experience with examPAL.

What if I'm eligible in both "Your GMAT is on us" and "Success Guaranteed" programs?

In that rare case, we will send you the higher sum – either the $250 for the GMAT registration, or the sum you were to receive from the Success Guaranteed program.

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