A Modular Platform

examPAL’s modular platform enables our partners to answer the different needs of their different markets, whether institutions or individuals, and stand out from the competition by managing their content and their sales, marketing, and support tools in one place.

All The Tools You Need

Get all the tools you need for successful sales, marketing, and support—and just what you need. Simply choose your tools.

Serving Individuals

Serving Institutions

Why examPAL?

The World’s #1 Awarded Test Prep Product

Over 25 years of experience in the test prep industry

Revolutionary PAL methodology – your ultimate market differentiator

“We immediately recognized that examPAL has a unique and proven-effective approach to test preparation. Using the most advanced technology available, we now have the ability to deeply understand how students make decisions, how other students effectively solve problems, and what the fastest way is for each student to reach the answer. Not only will this improve their cognitive flexibility and preparation for high stakes exams, it will help us to prepare all students—regardless of their starting points—to succeed.”

Saki Dodelson
CEO, Beable

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