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Reach a higher score - faster

Learn to know in advance the fastest way to solve each problem

  • Reduce most of your errors quickly
  • Save precious time during the test
  • Solve more questions in the same amount of time
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Focus your brainpower

Our system studies and optimizes the way you think

  • Get solutions that are the best for you
  • Avoid wasting time on trial and error
  • Spend less time on preparing for the test
  • Avoid information you don't need
  • Focus your brainpower and practice time where it makes the most impact on your score
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More Than Adaptive -
It's Personalized

Everything is customized and adjusted to your personal needs

  • The course plan is adjusted to your test date
  • The videos interact with you, and are controlled by you
  • The practice questions are adapted to your level
  • The system studies the way you solve questions
  • We recommend the solution approaches that are best for you
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You always know how to improve

  • Why you get the answers wrong
  • Where you need to take a different approach
  • How to cut off a few seconds
  • What's holding you back
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How Do We Do It


The power of you

We interact with you after each question and analyze together every question you answer so that we can give you real-time feedback on how to do things better.


The power of technology

We bring you the benefit of computer-assisted intelligence to study the way you learn and tackle questions. We put technology ...on your side.


The power of the crowd

By monitoring thousands of other students who are tackling the same question as you, we provide you with the approaches that proved most efficient for each given question.

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PAL - Precise, Alternative & Logical

We've discovered that these are the 3 key ways to solve any GMAT problem. You naturally already own the keys. We help you refine and optimize them.


What our students say

“I think I got a bit addicted to the examPAL. I kept wanting to practice more and more to improve my score.”

Swarna Iyer, ExamPAL student

“The PAL method is great...I needed to spend less time practicing than my friends did.”

Lexie Hyland, ExamPAL student

“At some point I realized examPAL does more for me than my private tutor so I just let her go…. It saved me a lot of money.”

Davide Calligaris, ExamPAL student

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