Who are we?

examPAL was created by more than 50 talented people from different industries and professions: from teachers, designers and video producers, through data scientists, programmers and soundmen.

With 20 years' experience in the test prep industry we examined the online field and realized that students have very old-fashioned products to choose from. No one offers the kind of interactive, entertaining, personalized experience that one would expect from online education companies in 2021.

Our vast experience gave us the intuition and aided us in developing the fastest way to solve every question on the test using today's technology. This must be shared. After years of development - we made it.

Our mission

To close the gap between the current industry offerings, current computer-learning technology and the trend towards personalized learning.

We aim to upgrade the test prep industry with an adaptive, customized and ultra-personalized online learning experience.

Our mission

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