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Also known as The PALgorithm™, examPAL's patented technology will personalize the course to fit your schedule, level and the way you think and will match you with the right questions at the right time, teach you the solutions that are the best for you, and provide real-time feedback on how to improve.

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Take your time or run through the course. You are no longer required to organize your time around a class schedule and waste time commuting, only to fight for the attention of the tutor with 20 other students.
Study at the comfort of your home, or while travelling, and get a learning experience more personalized than with a private tutor.

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The GRE is all about solving questions quickly & correctly. So are we.

  • Learn how to quickly identify the fastest way to solve each question
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  • Learn with fun, interactive videos, animations and real-time stats

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Our PALgorithm technology studies you while you study

  • An adaptive course, challenging you with the right question at the right time
  • Our system will match you with the best solution for YOU, for each question
  • Enter your test date to get a personalized study plan
  • Get unlimited help from experts with just one click

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  • We guarantee you will improve your previous GRE score by at least 6 points
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