Gmat Verbal
Gmat Verbal

examPAL's Verbal GMAT course

Everything you need in order to crush the GMAT’s Verbal and Analytical Writing Assessment sections, and reach your best score in the fastest way
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What the Verbal GMAT course includes:

  • Interactive, fun video lessons that will teach you all of the necessary knowledge, from the basics on up, on all topics of the Verbal and Analytical Writing Assessment sections
  • A personalized practice system that is based on crowd wisdom and AI technology, which will teach you to solve questions faster.
  • 3 essay reviews
  • 12 verbal quizzes
  • 4 GMAT® Official Practice Tests
  • Real-time feedback on how to improve
  • Unlimited support

Get more out of your GMAT prep with these offers


GMAT Premium Package

Get a full GMAT course, with a cutting edge practice system and much more

What's included:

  • Interactive video lessons that will make your learning fun
  • An adaptive and personalized practice system (PALgorithm™) that adapts to your skills and learning profile
  • A custom study plan based on your test date
  • 4 official mock test by the GMAC
  • 12 Verbal quizzes
  • 3 essay reviews by experts
  • 30 minutes of admission consultancy
  • The Official Guide for GMAT

Free GMAT Course

Interactive video lessons that will make your learning fun

What's included:

  • Verbal section video lessons
  • Quantitative section video lessons
  • 30 credits to try the PALgorithm™ practice system
  • 7-day free access

Going into the details of our Verbal course

Interactive video lessons

Each Verbal topic that appears on the exam – Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Sentence Correction – has its own section on the site. Get this separately (free)

Personalized Practice AI (the PALgorithm™)

Each verbal question has three possible answer strategies, and we help you prep for all of them: PRECISE – can the question be solved by using its information in a straightforward way, such as identifying a wrong use of parallelism and knowing with which word to replace it? * Not available separately

Starting from the basics (optional)

For our non-native English speakers, we created a special mini-course about the basics of the English language. * Not available separately

Essay reviews

The Verbal package starts preparing you for the Analytical Writing Assessment the same way it does for other sections: with high-quality, interactive Introduction and Lesson videos. But what about the practice? Get this separately ($39.95)

Verbal quizzes

Throughout your Verbal course, you will be prompted to solve 12 Verbal quizzes. Each consists of 7 questions of varying difficulty levels and different PAL strategies. * Not available separately

Mock tests

Our Verbal course includes 4 mock tests by the GMAC - GMAT® Official Practice Tests 1, 2, 3 & 4, as well as access to the GMAT® Official Starter Kit. Get this separately ($49.95)

Unlimited support

As with any other package, this one allows you to easily contact our tutors at any time of the day, and they will reply to you within a few hours. * Not available separately

Why use the Verbal Package?

The Verbal package is right for two kinds of GMAT students: those who only care about their Verbal score, and those who are highly confident in their Quantitative abilities and only feel a need to work on their Verbal and AWA skills. The Verbal package is designed to help you optimize your performance on the Verbal section, by providing you with the full extent of examPAL’s study materials and practice tools in this section. It also provides you with unique and in-depth preparation for the not-to-be-ignored Analytical Writing Assessment, starting with Introduction and Lesson videos and culminating with three personalized essay reviews, compiled by our AWA professionals.