1. Week #4

    Some people are born natural storytellers. Others really have a hard time figuring out what they should say. In this video, we look into the question that ALL schools ask you in their MBA interview. Every single school wants to know your professional backstory. The plot to your epic movie with the expectations of wondering how it will end. How do you deliver a plot like this? How do you bring the interviewer into your story?

    Let’s consider a cool movie that uses the pre-intro credits plot story beautifully. Let’s take Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. It starts off showing the assassination of Tony Stark’s parents. It tells the backbone of the story in the first three minutes. Many would argue that the entire movie is about the friendship triangle of love and hate between Captain America, Iron Man, and Bucky. That the underlying root of the entire movie is about loyalty. I agree! But, what sets the precedent for EVERYTHING is the introduction. The entire story line is unraveled to reveal what those three minutes mean to the superhero universe. In short, your introduction should be compelling and bring the viewer into your story so that you can unravel the rest of your “movie” throughout your interview, so that by the time the interview ends, the “viewer” leaves thinking, “oooooohhhhh.. so THAT’S why he/she wants an MBA..” That revelation is CRUCIAL. Let me show you.


    Week #3

    I think the most daunting – the scariest – part of the MBA interview is not knowing what to expect. It’s like when you walk into the classroom on your first day of school. It’s safe to say that everyone has shared at least this one dream in common: being in front of the class, butt naked. This brings with it a level of anxiety for some that goes beyond the controllable. At least, until they realize it was only a dream. It’s not the fact that the situation was within a dream that comforts you. It’s knowing that it was a dream that does. Knowing. To know. Knowledge of the fact that being naked in front of your class bully, school crush, and best friend was all just in your imagination. And in reality, you know it won’t ever happen.

    Well, as for the MBA interview, it’s very similar in that sense. Many get very anxious about it. But once you’ve gained the knowledge of what to expect, then, well, your anxiety usually turns into motivation – the drive to push you to build your strategy and put this knowledge into practice. So, allow me to bring you in and teach you what you need to know so you can quickly push through the anxiety phase and into the strategic phase. Right now. See you inside.

    Week #2

    For some people, common sense is common sense. For others, not enough sense. I’m not judging anyone here. I am saying that we need to cover all our bases before we begin to build on our foundations. In different parts of the world, back when people built houses with their bare hands, builders learned pretty quickly what they should or shouldn’t do. They learned by trial and error and by watching the more experienced builders. The most important thing for them was to understand that one slip on a “don’t” could cost them dearly; it could cost them their life.
    There have been far too many candidates who destroyed their chances of being accepted into their dream schools because they slipped on a detail; overlooked an action, and did something “fatal” to their interview. Was it lack of common sense? Or possibly the lack of watching more experienced interviewers? This is not an exercise to scare you. On the contrary, this is an initiative to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes others have made in their unsuccessful attempts. See you inside.



    Week #1

    So, let’s start this nice and easy.

    You know, get to know each other a bit. That’s kind of how it works when you milk a cow. You build a relationship – trust. You learn from each other. I originally titled this video, “8 Maids to Milk Your Cow” for two reasons: because of my days on a farm, learning to milk a cow, and because I wanted to use a Christmas reference.

    In the song, “On the First Day of Christmas”, the 8th gift my true love gave me was 8 maids a milking. At the time, we were about a week away from Christmas. Anyways, enough with the back story. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

    The MBA interview can be a frustrating experience. I’ve personally spent endless hours online looking for deeper and more relevant information on the process. I’ve also spent almost 5 years conducting MBA interview prep sessions and I have 11 years of experience conducting professional interview prep sessions.

    If I had to break down the eight most pertinent tips to improve your overall efficiency during an interview, then this is it. However, like any situation as important as your MBA interview, it’s best to go deeper. But we first have to start somewhere. This is where you start. See you inside!

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    Mateo Chang
    Mateo is the host and creator of the motivational podcast, the MBA Wire. He is also an MBA interview coach, career counselor, TOEFL iBT prep teacher, and an entrepreneur. He has had more than 17 years of teaching experience and has helped over 430 candidates make it past their b-school interviews alive. Loves beer, sushi, pizza, and a good conversation. Go visit his firm website: www.mchangglobal.com

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