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examPAL is a revolutionary methodology and AI-based technology that personalizes preparation for high-stakes standardized tests.

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Unique PAL Methodology

On psychometric exams, and, in fact, on any multiple-choice test, a question can have several possible solution strategies that lead to the same correct answer, while the problem-solving process remains behind the scenes. The single most important skill that any test-taker must master in order to excel on standardized tests is Cognitive Flexibility – the ability to consider several alternatives, find the fastest way to the goal, and apply it.

The PALgorithm Technology

Our patented technology is based on an AI-engine that trains the brain to apply the PAL methodology in order to answer problems in various domains with maximum accuracy and efficiency. We call this technology The PALgorithm. Here are the 3 main components underlying our AI-engine:  Diagnostic  ➔  Improvement  ➔  Optimization.

A Modular Platform

examPAL’s modular platform enables our partners to answer the different needs of their different markets, whether institutions or individuals, and stand out from the competition by managing their content and their sales, marketing, and support tools in one place.


We provide the unparalleled interactive, entertaining, and personalized experience students should expect from online education in 2021. With over 25 years’ experience in the test prep industry, we offer your students exactly what they need in order to excel on standardized tests.


Both our GMAT® and GRE® test prep courses are offered globally.

🌎 180 countries 🧑‍🎓 200,000 students


Our SAT and ACT test prep courses are integrated into school-district learning solutions.


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Comprehensive Solution

examPAL goes beyond the test prep course. We provide our partners with a complete, well-rounded system.

Content Development

Are you planning to prepare your own online test prep course in a new domain? Our experts can lead the content development process even before we engage in the transformation of the content to a complete course. Here are a few examples:

Training and Accompaniment

Once the test prep course’s vision is set and the core content is ready, we will work closely with your team to make sure that the course is ready in record time and at the highest quality standards.

Why examPAL?

The World’s #1 Awarded Test Prep Product

Over 25 years of experience in the test prep industry

Revolutionary PAL methodology – your ultimate market differentiator

“We immediately recognized that examPAL has a unique and proven-effective approach to test preparation. Using the most advanced technology available, we now have the ability to deeply understand how students make decisions, how other students effectively solve problems, and what the fastest way is for each student to reach the answer. Not only will this improve their cognitive flexibility and preparation for high stakes exams, it will help us to prepare all students—regardless of their starting points—to succeed.”

Saki Dodelson
CEO, Beable

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