What is PAL

PAL stands for

PAL stands for

We discovered that these are the 3 main routes to solve every problem. We teach you how to know in advance which is going to be the fastest route for each question - enabling you to solve the test like a real pro.

In both the GMAT and the GRE, every question has only one correct answer, but multiple ways to solve it. Sometimes there can be as many as 10 different ways.
The problem for many students is that the teacher often says: “Find the solution that works best for you”, which leads to great frustration among students. How can I find which solution is best for me?

which solution

Every person has his/her own natural strengths and weaknesses. You may be stronger in Precise routes, such as simplifying an equation or using a formula, while others are better in Logical solutions or using an Alternative route (such as using the answers).

Different people, different questions, different tools, different solutions. How can preparing for the test be the same?

You may find that one route works better for you in certain questions in the Verbal section, while a different route works better in Algebra and the 3rd route in specific Data Sufficiency questions. Moreover, you can use different routes in the same topic.

With the PALgorithm we help you find the most effective route for YOU, for every GMAT or GRE problem.

What is the PALgorithm?

The PALgorithm is a personalized test-preparation system that trains your brain to apply the PAL method in order to answer problems with maximum effectiveness. If there's one talent that we need to master, it is mind-flexibility: the ability to choose the best tool quickly. The PALgorithm trains us to do this in 3 different steps:

  1. Diagnostic – We measure your PAL starting point
    Within the 3 'solution approaches' there are many 'specific tools'. The more you practice, the more we can predict which tools you are most likely to use better and personalize your learning path.
  2. Improvement – We use what we have learned about you to suggest the solutions that will help you improve the most. We also analyze together which of the tools work best for you and what kind of problems you still find difficult.
  3. Optimization – We compare you to other students with the same characteristics and offer you the solutions which helped make them faster and get more correct answers.