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“Having just gotten a 710 on my re-take, I'm 100% satisfied!”, Patrick

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A full program for the cost
of 2 private lessons

Our Premium package includes a full, professional GMAT course (30 hours of video), taking you from the basics to an expertise, 4 real GMAC tests, and endless smart practice questions

One-of-a-kind practice

We've created a new technology (or as we call it_, the_ 'PALgorithm') that studies how you think, helps you improve, and finds the fastest way for you to solve each question. Since GMAT is all about getting it right, fast, this is the best way to reach a higher score.

Get The Best of Both

Private tutoring is usually expensive, inefficient, inconvenient, and simply not enough. We've changed that. If you can't let the tutor go, check out our Genius package that includes 1-on-1 sessions

It's better than any
private tutor

Studying with our technology is like having a private tutor looking over your shoulder as you solve each question.
That is, if the tutor is an intelligent cyborg from the future that can:

Calculate your current performance (speed & accuracy)
Compare it to your past performance with this same solution approach
Compare it to your past performance on this topic and others
Compare it to 8000 others who answered the same question
Finally, suggest the best approach that you should take

anytime, anywhere

  • No need to drive to your tutor's house or class.
  • examPAL is like a private GMAT tutor
    who is always there with you, as you study
  • You can study at your own pace, in your own time, anywhere you want.

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Or, as one of our students said, "I can't say they make it fun to study, but examPAL sure makes it bearable." :)

Our videos are entertaining and humorous, and communicate even the most boring topics in an easy-to-understand way. You might even feel as if you're playing a game while studying.


Learn to identify the fastest way to solve each problem

  • Spend less time preparing for the GMAT
  • Avoid wasting time on trial and error
  • Solve more questions in less time
  • Excellent for busy people

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examPAL is not just adaptive; it’s personalized

  • Our system studies and optimizes the way you think
  • Learn the best way FOR YOU to solve each problem
  • Focus your efforts where they make the most impact on your score
  • Study at your own pace

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