Gmat Premium
Gmat Premium

examPAL's Premium GMAT course

Everything you need in order to crush the GMAT, and reach your best score in the fastest way
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What does the Premium GMAT Course Includes:

  • Interactive, fun video lessons that will teach you all of the necessary knowledge, from the basics on up, on all topics of the GMAT (Verbal, Quant, Integrated Reasoning & Analytical Writing)
  • A personalized practice system that is based on crowd wisdom and AI technology, which will teach you to solve questions faster.
  • 3 essay reviews
  • 12 Verbal quizzes
  • 4 GMAT® Official Practice Tests
  • Real-time feedback on how to improve
  • Unlimited support
  • 6 months of access
  • 30 minutes of MBA admission consultancy

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GMAT Premium Package

Get a full GMAT course, with a cutting edge practice system and much more

What's included:

  • Interactive video lessons that will make your learning fun
  • An adaptive and personalized practice system (PALgorithm™) that adapts to your skills and learning profile
  • A custom study plan based on your test date
  • 4 official mock test by the GMAC
  • 12 Verbal quizzes
  • 3 essay reviews by experts
  • 30 minutes of admission consultancy
  • The Official Guide for GMAT

Free GMAT Course

Interactive video lessons that will make your learning fun

What's included:

  • Verbal section video lessons
  • Quantitative section video lessons
  • 30 credits to try the PALgorithm™ practice system
  • 7-day free access

Going into the details of our Premium Course

Interactive video lessons

Each topic that appears on the exam, from Triangles and Interest to Critical Reasoning and Sentence correction, has its own section on the site. Get this separately (free)

Personalized Practice AI (the PALgorithm™)

Using artificial-intelligence technology, our system continuously learns about the best ways to solve every kind of question, and about you and how you solve every question. * Not available separately

A success guarantee

Here at examPAL, we are so confident in our superior technology and in our course as a whole * Not available separately

Essay reviews

Finding out whether you got questions right or wrong in the Quant and Verbal sections is simple. Get this separately ($49.95)

Verbal quizzes

Throughout the examPAL course, you will be prompted to solve 12 Verbal quizzes. * Not available separately

Mock tests

Includes 4 GMAT® Official Practice Tests by the GMAC, the administrators of the GMAT, as well as the GMAT® Official Starter Kit. Get this separately ($49.95)

Unlimited support

You don’t have to face the GMAT alone – our customer service is always there for you. * Not available separately

Admission consultancy

The Premium package enables you to engage in a 30-minute skype chat with a professional admission consultant. * Not available separately

What is Pal?

In psychometric tests, a question can have lots of possible solutions, and we must find the fastest way to do it. The one skill any test taker must master is Cognitive Flexibility – the ability to find the fastest way and apply it.

This understanding led us at examPAL to develop one simple method to find the fastest way to solve each question. That’s the PAL in examPAL – Precise, Alternative, or Logical. And when there’s more than one way, our system studies the way the student thinks in order to find the best way to the right answer. We call that technology ‘The PALgorithm’.

What is Pal?
Learn more about the PAL system

Who is the Premium package not intended for?

Despite all of the reasons stated above that make the Premium course such a successful GMAT preparation tool, there may be several reasons why it may not be the course for you. If you feel you require a higher level of close guidance, our Genius package may be a better fit, as it gives you everything the Premium package does, but adds 5 private sessions with a GMAT tutor. If, on the other hand, you already feel confident in one of the GMAT sections and only feel the need to improve in one of the two main sections, perhaps our Quant or Verbal packs are right for you. If you’re only here to try us out, you can always just buy credit bundles directly, for $30 and up. Keep in mind, though, the more comprehensive a package you purchase, the cheaper each credit is.