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A comparison of features

  Approve Economist
Magoosh GMAT pill e-GMAT
Interactive videos Approve Not Approve Approve
not interactive
not interactive
not interactive
Real time feedback on how to improve Approve Approve Not Approve Not Approve Not Approve
Optimized for non-native speakers Approve Not Approve Approve Not Approve Approve
Personalized adaptive learning Approve Not Approve Not Approve Not Approve Not Approve
Crowd wisdom usage Approve Not Approve Not Approve Not Approve Not Approve
Personal essay review Approve Approve Not Approve Not Approve Not Approve
Study schedule Approve Approve Approve Not Approve Not Approve
Solution optimization system Approve Not Approve Not Approve Not Approve Not Approve
At least 6 months access Approve Not Approve Approve Approve Approve
Practice questions 1500 5000 1000 1073 4500
Price $439 $799 $258 $437 $499
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The Approach

All GMAT courses teach what they believe is the right way to answer each question.
At examPAL, we teach you only what has proved to be the best (fastest & highest accuracy rate) way to solve each question. We do that by tracking the performance of thousands of students answering thousands of questions, and learning what works best for everyone across the board.
We then track your own performance across each topic, and suggest the best way for you to solve each question.


Other courses say: "This is the solution we teach" examPAL say: "These are all the solutions. This solution works best for most. This solution will work best for you."

The System (PAL)

Our experts, lead by Jack Oren Jackman, our CEO, have developed a new preparation system for the GMAT. It's called PAL_,_ which stands for Precise, Alternative & Logic. These are the 3 ways to solve every question on the GMAT, and this is how we are able to understand the best way for you to solve each question.
To learn more about PAL, click here.


examPAL says: "This question can be solved with the Precise approach and the Alternative approach. You should use the Precise approach here because it seems faster for you." Other courses would say: "What do you mean by 'system'?"

The Technology (PALgorithms)

Unlike other GMAT courses that just upload voiced-over presentations, along with a lot of practice questions, and call it an online course, examPAL actually uses the power of technology to help you study faster and better.
We use crowd wisdom and machine-learning algorithms to gather data from all our students, and then analyze their performance to identify learning habits and patterns, finding the best ways to solve each question.


examPAL says: "Of course we use artificial intelligence! It’s 2018." Other courses would say: "Hmm... does a mobile app count?"

The Advantages of
Online gmat Courses OVER Offline Courses


Offline courses usually start at $1000 in the US and $500 in India. Online courses are cheaper.

Study at your own pace

With 15-40 people in a classroom, you can't expect to study at your own pace. Online courses advance with you.

Study anytime, anywhere

When you take an offline course, you commit to studying at a specific location and a specific time: a real pain for most of the busy GMAT takers.

Spend less time

When taking an offline class, you need to consider traffic and transportation, which are extremely time consuming in many cities worldwide.

Use technology

Online courses can be adaptive, which allows you to spend less time studying, as it focuses on your weaker areas. examPAL has many more technological benefits, as listed above.

Better than a tutor

With examPAL, studying online is like studying with a tutor who is always there, making calculations no real tutor can, and guiding you in the right way by using statistical analysis rather than a 'gut feeling'.

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What is PAL?

In psychometric tests, a question can have lots of possible solutions, and we must find the fastest way to do it. The one skill any test taker must master is Cognitive Flexibility – the ability to find the fastest way and apply it.

This understanding led us at examPAL to develop one simple method to find the fastest way to solve each question. That’s the PAL in examPAL – Precise, Alternative, or Logical. And when there’s more than one way, our system studies the way the student thinks in order to find the best way to the right answer. We call that technology ‘The PALgorithm’.

Learn more about the PAL system