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Personal Attention The Best Tutors Affordable

Personal Attention
The Best Tutors Affordable

Get The Best of Both Worlds

Private tutoring is usually expensive, inefficient, inconvenient, and simply not enough.
We changed that with the Genius course.

The best personal

Our tutors are the best out there. Equipped with the PAL method to identify how to solve questions faster, our tutors can help you go from high school basics to 700+ on the GMAT.

A full GMAT
course included

After 20 years of phenomenal successes in test prep, we created the ultimate online course, the best there is.

Yeah, some of us are really old...

practice technology

We created a new technology
(PALgorithm) that studies how you think, helps you improve, and finds the fastest way for you to solve each question. Since GMAT is all about getting it right, fast, this is the best way to reach a higher score.

Save your money

You'll need it when you get into business schools

Only $1440 $799 for 3 private lessons + a full GMAT course and in addition:

  • 30 hours of video lessons on all GMAT topics (Quant, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing)
  • A unique practice & analysis technology. Learn More
  • 1,500 personalized questions to take your ability from scratch to 700+ level.
  • Expert assessment of your practice performance
  • 4 real gmac logoexams
  • 12 extra Verbal quizzes
  • 3 AWA essay reviews
  • Personal guidance & help on all GMAT topics
  • Unlimited help inquiries (response within hours)

A bit on our technology:

Studying with our technology is like having a private tutor looking over your shoulder as you solve each question.

That is, if the tutor is an intelligent cyborg from the future that can:

Calculate your current performance (speed & accuracy)
Compare it to your past performance with this solution approach
Compare it to your past performance on this topic and others
Compare it to 8000 others who answered the same question
Finally, suggest the best approach that you should take

Reach a higher score - faster

Learn to identify the fastest way to solve each problem

  • Spend less time preparing for the GMAT
  • Avoid wasting time on trial and error
  • Solve more questions in less time
  • Excellent for busy people
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Maximize your brainpower

examPAL is not just adaptive; it’s personalized

  • Our system studies and optimizes the way you think
  • Learn the best way FOR YOU to solve each problem
  • Focus your efforts where they make the most impact on your score
  • Study at your own pace

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