1. In this one hour session, David Valadarsky, our senior tutor, is going to share with you insights we’ve obtained from analyzing data of over 50,000 of our GMAT students. In particular, you’ll learn time-management tactics that will guarantee you answer all questions, in all sections, on time.

    David will talk about:

    • The hardest question students face: How do you know if you should keep on trying to solve a question or if you should give up and move on? Learn what should you do based on our analysis of 50,000 students’ data.
    • How can you improve your time management on the GMAT? We’re going to share some practical tips and strategies that you can use to improve your time-management skills during the exam.


    Watch an exclusive interview with the people who write the GMAT test: https://bit.ly/2zwfipq

    Dave Green
    Senior tutor and professional test-prep writer. Interdisciplinary wizard, with Master’s degrees in economics, philosophy, and political science at HUJI.

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