1. Yesterday we held the webinar — ‘700+ on the GMAT & the perfect application’.
    You can find the recording of that webinar below.

    Getting that ‘Yes’ from your target business school is something you are willing to work hard for. We get that. Getting that MBA degree will look amazing on your resume, increase your salary, and open countless doors. It’s going to be worth it.
    In this one hour session, Michelle Miller from ARINGO and Dave Green from examPAL are going to show you exactly what you need to do in order to get that ‘Yes!’. Afterwards it’s going to look much easier.
    • Learn the winning strategy to get 760 on the GMAT — what people who reach the high 700’s do differently. What sets those people apart from the rest? We’re going to share insights, tips and strategies from data we collected on over 19,000 students who used examPAL.
    • Learn what it takes to craft the perfect business school application — from your resume, to your recommendations, to your essays. We’re going to guide you through this thick forest.

    On top of that, as usual, we share a special bonus at the end of the webinar.

    Come on, hit play on the video below.


    Dave Green
    Senior tutor and professional test-prep writer. Interdisciplinary wizard, with Master’s degrees in economics, philosophy, and political science at HUJI.

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