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examPAL is a revolutionary way to prepare for standardized tests. Using crowd wisdom and machine learning, examPAL knows what no other course does - what has been statistically proven to be the best way to solve each question on the test, and what is the best way for you.

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Start a quote We created examPAL because we felt students all around the globe were paying a lot of money for the wrong product. If you want to be fast and correct, you need guidance that fits your own way of thinking"

Jack Oren Jackman, examPAL CEO

What is PAL?

In psychometric tests, a question can have lots of possible solutions, and we must find the fastest way to do it. The one skill any test taker must master is Cognitive Flexibility – the ability to find the fastest way and apply it.

This understanding led us at examPAL to develop one simple method to find the fastest way to solve each question. That’s the PAL in examPAL – Precise, Alternative, or Logical. And when there’s more than one way, our system studies the way the student thinks in order to find the best way to the right answer. We call that technology ‘The PALgorithm’.

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