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  1. Yesterday we held a webinar for our American students about the winning strategy to get 760 on the GMAT.

    It’s obviously not an easy task, and we don’t mean to say that everyone who is using this strategy will reach the 760, but if you are aiming for the 600-700 this strategy can help you go even farther and reach an even higher score.

    We discuss numerous key points:

    • What makes 700 GMAT scorers different than the rest
    • Why the GMAT is not like any other test you ever took
    • How you should approach the prep process if you want to reach a really high score
    • What’s wrong with GMAT prep book
    • Why is it so important to know what’s the fastest way to solve each question
    • How to overcome score improvement plateau

    Come on, hit play on the video below.

    Dave Green
    Senior tutor and professional test-prep writer. Interdisciplinary wizard, with Master’s degrees in economics, philosophy, and political science at HUJI.

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