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  1. Verbal Booster – How Non-native English Speakers Ace the Verbal Section
    If you think about it, the GMAT can actually teach you a lot about running a business even before you step into business school. If you’re already an examPAL student, or have been following our blog, you know that we always say that you should review your mistakes and see how you can improve. So, […]
  2. Get Psyched! How to Put Yourself in the GMAT Zone?
    So you’ve studied like a pro, learned the ins and outs of Quant and know every syllable of Verbal. The test date is fast approaching, and you’re ready to crush it. But hold on. You may have gotten the professional side of GMAT down, but before you take it, it’s important to make sure you […]
  3. The Perfect Timeline For Your MBA Studies In September 2018
    Your MBA application timeline is more important than you think. Many first-time MBA applicants fail to understand how far in advance they should ideally start working on different aspects of the application. Most MBA applicants are said to spend a whole year on the process, and starting early is indeed recommended in order to increase […]

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