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  1. The Perfect Timeline For Your MBA Studies In September 2018
    Your MBA application timeline is more important than you think. Many first-time MBA applicants fail to understand how far in advance they should ideally start working on different aspects of the application. Most MBA applicants are said to spend a whole year on the process, and starting early is indeed recommended in order to increase […]
  2. The Importance of Learning to Cheat the GMAT
    What’s the Hardest Part of Studying for The GMAT? Is it the material – relearning geometrical properties you forgot in high school or wrapping your head around a confusing grammatical rule? Is it knowing how to build a structured study plan that will foresee ahead of time what you should be doing? Is it persistence […]
  3. Straight From the GMAC Summit: GMAT Secrets Revealed
    Hold on to your seats. The Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), the organization that runs and administers the GMAT, had its annual summit on December 2 in Frankfurt, Germany. At this gathering, GMAC revealed some never-before-seen secrets about the exam – and examPAL has the scoop. News From the GMAC Summit Into-great-ed Some people overlook […]
  4. GMAT Score Report Explained – Including Recent Changes In The Enhanced Report
    So you’ve studied your heart out, taken the test, and given it 110%, and now it’s time to sit back and see how you’ve done… but wait, how exactly do you see that, and when? This post will discuss the different ways the GMAT reports your scores back to you, and what information these reports […]

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